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Children are budding flowers, a piece of heaven sent on Earth by God. And since they're headed on a splendid journey from infancy, they indeed are Trailblazers - someone who leaves a mark on their journey!

Children come into the world with powerful instincts, which include their natural curiosity, playfulness, sociability and attentiveness to the activities around them, desire to grow up, and desire to do new things - just the qualities every trailblazer requires. An initiative set on this very thought, we, at Trailblazers aim at strengthening the feet of clay ever child has and transform them into intellectual, intelligent, smart, humble, independent and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Trailblazers International School intends to enhance the instincts every child is blessed with. Identifying and nurturing the inherent instincts of children in a way that they excel in whatever they do. The school is the brainchild of Dr Faiqa Saulat Khan, and Trailblazers International School is run under the aegis of Iqra World Education Society.


Dr. Faiqa Saulat Khan

Global Discovery Academy Schools, Global Indian International School, St Joseph Convent Senior Secondary Girls School

More than 20 years of priceless experience in education, ultimately, had to result in something invaluable. All this teamed up with her passion, a dream and a simmering fire to create a school in tune with the times. The result - Trailblazers International School, with a clear objective of pursuing individual excellence.

Dr Faiqa Saulat Khan has put together a fusion of the old world charm and modern world education. Blending best international practices with our deep-rooted value system and balancing the advantages of technology with basic learning methods, she leads from the front, committed to helping children discover their paths.

That she has indulged in the architecture of the school, a first for her, reflects her philosophy of ‘continuous learning is the only way to grow and help the children grow.


Shashank Vira - Director, Hearth Advisors

  • Director of the Hearth Advisors, an entrepreneurial, research and consulting business that works internationally in the Education & Skills, Medical, Incubation of Technology and Innovative start-up segments; based between Europe and Asia, with offices in London and New Delhi.
  • Ex Managing Director & CEO Copper Beech.
  • Ex Country Head & Chief Operating Officer Global Education Management Systems (GEMS).

G Balasubramaniam - Ex-Director CBSE (Academics)

  • Associated with CBSE for over a decade & Chief Vigilance Officer of the Board
  • Runs his own consultancy – Educational Systems and Innovations
  • Has authored several books for schools in Science & IT

Babita Vishwanath - Principal Royale Concorde International School, Sarjapur

  • Director of Academic Experts Consultancy
  • Brand Ambassador of Brain Wonder, Bangalore
  • Specialist in Early Years Programe    

Aparna Sharma - Independent Director - T.S Alloys Ltd.

  • Ex Country Head – HR, Lafarge India
  • Ex HR Head Greaves Cotton Limited, Deutsche Bank, GBS Service Centre
  • Post Graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


The Rising Sun - Signifying new beginning.

Yin Yang - Signifying a balanced growth for our students.

Trail of Stars in rainbow colours - Signifying an individual and distinct trail for each student in pursuit of individual excellence.

The emblem reflects and represents multi-dimensional exposure through all the colours of the spectrum which will eventually help children find their own individual trails of excellence.

'Semper Sursum', the school motto, a famous Latin phrase which literally translates to 'always aim high'.

At Trailblazers International School every child is made to believe that they can reach for the stars while treading their trails in pursuit of individual excellence.


Every trail that a child passes during their growth brings with itself a completely new set of exposures, learning and challenges. Right from the time a child joins the school in nursery, like a little bundle of joy, to when the time comes to bid adieu after finishing their academics, as a young adult, the child gets transformed completely on exposure, on learning, on attitude, on responsibility, on individuality and so inherits many other values.

Trailblazers International School identifies the four key stages of a child’s transformation, letting the child learn and enjoy the pleasures of each trail.

Tiny Trails - Unbridled joy of solo trails (Nursery / KG1 / KG2)
Leaving secure confines of home, discovering something new and exciting, in another protected environment.

Tender Trails -Fragile impressions of unfamiliar trails (Class 1 to 5)
Forming first impressions, learning is a joy and walking more thrilling trails on one’s own is the most exciting adventure.

Tween Trails - Experimenting & exploring interesting trails (Class 6 to 8)
Defying norms to form new norms, experiment and explore everything to decide on the likes and dislikes.

Teen Trails - Letting the world know individual excellence trails (Class 9 to 12)
The time to befriend individual excellence, enhance it and announce to the world one’s uniqueness.



Houses provide a smaller group in which students can find friendship and support. The house system and house competitions build community spirit and help students integrate into school life through social interaction and bonding. The house system also allows students to learn the importance of teamwork, good behaviour and to build on their leadership skills. As part of the vertical house system students take part in inter-house competitions where the school’s houses compete as teams against each other in various events. Points are allocated to each house at the end of every competition as students vie for the prominent position of the winning house at the end of the year.


  • MOTTO - Leading towards new trails


  • MOTTO - Discovering unknown trails


  • MOTTO - Unveiling superior trails


  • MOTTO - Seeking unchartered trails