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Thank you so much Team Trailblazers International School for providing my child a beautiful exposure. Isa is a very shy child and now I can see the difference in him. I am very thankful to all the teachers & especially thanks to Dr Faiqa Saulat Khan for being such a wonderful mentor. Looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

Mrs. Maryam Mustafa Saleem - Mother of Isa

Trailblazers International School has a huge ground for children to play and practice sports, apart from excellent academic infrastructure! I am fully satisfied with the school.

Mr. Farid - Father of Alayaan Farid (Grade KG II)

Trailblazers International School has laid the foundation that develops the desire to learn more, which is a prerequisite for an all-around development of the child. The emphasis on quality education by the honorable director and principal, Dr. Faiqa Saulat Khan, recipient of the prestigious 'Bharat Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar' for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Education. TIS features state-of-the-art academic and recreational facilities in a tranquil setting. I feel privileged for having had the opportunity to acquire a spirit of solidarity to achieve goals aimed at progressive and futuristic education. I am truly blessed to be a part of this school.

Aliyyah Zamani Siddiqi

Well equipped sports arena, highly trained & acclaimed coaches, flexible choices for kids… and what not! Thank you Trailblazers for bringing around such fun filled yet conducive for a lot of learning - Sports Summer Camp. We request you to continue it round-the-year.

Faraz Ahmed Qureshi (IFS)

I am satisfied and happy with the structure and guidance what the school and teachers are providing to the children. The small size class ensures excellent involvement between child and teachers. The extra curricular activities boost kids mental and physical health.

I am impressed with the timely updates and overall communication.

Thank you and appreciate your hard work.

Saira Saleem

Congratulations Team Trailblazers I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards the teachers and the Management for making this journey of learning blissful. The experience that Ibrahim has had in school has shaped him into a better person

Mrs. Asmi Sultan - Mother of Ibrahim Ali Khan (Grade 4)

The school is one of the most important formal agencies of education & plays a major role in molding the ideas, habits, and attitudes of the children with a view to producing well-balanced personalities culturally sound, emotionally stable, and mentally alert. All these qualities I have found about the Trailblazers International School, Bhopal, where my daughter studies. She has been an active participant in all the activities that school focuses on and her studies are going exceptionally well with the great curriculum and a well-balanced/liberal, high quality teacher. Can't forget to mention the great support we get from Madam Principal. My daughter took part in the school summer camp where in she enjoyed a lot and being very persistent to attend these activities all the times. So last but not the least, Trailblazer School possess a great value to the children and can be a great stepping stone of success to them.

Mr. Syed Tabish Ali - Father of Sumaiyya Tabish Ali

Trailblazer International School is a school, that your children anxiously look forward to attending every day. A school where learning is fun, interesting, and exciting; A school where feedback sessions with teachers are not about how the child is doing in her studies, but about who the child is, about the social and emotional development of the child. A school that is truly child-centric in every meaning of the word. A school where our children can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually – as fully functioning human beings. That school for us is Legacy.

A happy school of happy children.

Dr. Zahid Khan & Dr. Shadab Jahan - Parents of Zara and Zikran

One word for this school - Amazing!

The faculty members are very caring, compassionate, well spoken and very cooprative.

Me and my child are glad to be a part of this school.

Dr. Saba - Mother of Faiz Ali (Grade 3)

Great school ! The administration is invested in the growth and safety of children.....our experience is exceptional.....

Mrs Loveena Khan - Parent of Fawaz Ali Khan (grade 4)